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Modern video calls with live messaging and content sharing for desktop and mobile. Record meetings, make annotations, engage attendees with polls, and more! Log in to Zoom ; Notes, Screenshots taken on Zoom Cloud Meetings app on iOS ; Click Sign In. N.A. ; Click Sign in with SSO. DO NOT use.

Zoom meeting login singapore – zoom meeting login singapore. The Preferred Virtual Meeting Platform for Over a Decade

Click on the meeting link for zoom, your teacher sends or posts in SLS. Key in the 9 digit meeting code provided and your name. Zoom is a web conferencing tool that unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings, collaboration, and virtual lectures in an easy to. Key in your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ and click on «Log In». 2. Page 5. Canvas Zoom Student Guide. © Singapore University of Social.


– The Preferred Virtual Meeting Platform for Over a Decade | Zoom


It allow students to stay attentive. Focus mode can be started by Host and Co-Hosts of the meeting, using a Zoom desktop client with version 5. Please update your desktop Zoom Client to the latest version first.

Co-hosts do not have access to the following controls as they are only available as host controls in a meeting:. Co-hosts also cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to be able to start the meeting, they can assign an alternative host. Allows you to schedule meetings and designate another NUS Zoom Licensed user to start the meeting if Host who schedules is not able to start the meeting.

Designed to be used when someone else will do the scheduling; like an Executive Admin, Event Scheduler or Secretarial Duties:. When you start sharing your screen, the meeting controls will move into a floating menu that can be dragged around your screen. When using the video share option, Zoom encodes the video from the file directly and shares it, effectively bypassing some of the limiting factors with standard content sharing.

Can we use Zoom Webinar instead? A: For events and symposiums yes. We don’t recommend using Zoom Webinar for your regular modules. It offers a one-stop place for students to join meetings and access the cloud recordings. If you require Zoom Webinar for your events, please apply here. By default all cloud recordings will require sign in with NUS Zoom account to view.

To allow access for external viewers, you will need to enable it first. Follow this guide. Sign in to your NUS Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Recordings. You will see the list of cloud recordings that you had started. Click More to access the download or delete the recording. Click Share to display the recording link information and sharing settings, such as:. The conversion will be interrupted and caused an error if there is insufficient dis space or the laptop was shut down when conversion is in progress.

Check your «Disk space» and try and free up some space if it is low. Do not convert local recording files by double-clicking the Zoom files. Ensure you did not change the filename. Follow the steps below to convert the files. Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client. Click the Meeting tab. Click the Recorded tab. Select the meeting topic with the local recording. Click the Click Convert. The one who schedule and host the session can check the Web Portal.

Could be another host or another participant that you had granted permission to record. If this is the case, then it will record to their computer. Search for zTscoder. It will Start Converting. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings , select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

Spotlight video puts a participant as the primary active speaker for all participants. All participants will only see this speaker as the active speaker. The recording will show the Spotlight Video. There is another feature called Pin Video. It is also to view only a specific speaker and disable active speaker view.

But pinning the video will only affect your local view and local recordings. Pin video will not work for cloud recording. To Spotlight a Video :. The Zoom menu is at the the bottom of the Zoom window.

Hover your cursor over it if it is hidden. In screen sharing mode, it goes to the top of the screen. Invite : To invite others. Share Screen : Allows you to share your desktop screen and specific windows. Chat: To send messages to everyone or a specific person. Record: If the host allows it. Not provided as a default. Leave Meeting: Click this at the end of the meeting. Do not leave the Zoom meeting open. More : Allows you to raise your hand, and other participants quick response button.

When joining such events, check that you are signed in correctly on the browser and desktop client or mobile app. When these events require registration, there will be checks during the registration process as well.

Please provide the email address used with your valid NUS Zoom account valid and activated. If you have an NUS friendly email address, please provide your friendly email address. A typical error message:. Scroll below to see the Sign In Email. Click on the top right of your profile image or initials.

VOIP calls are highly recommended as our license does not offer toll-free calls. Zoom has call-in numbers available for many countries. Zoom Apps support in Breakout Rooms.

Start and schedule Zoom Meetings from Microsoft Teams. Not possible if Host prevents participants from renaming themselves. Select the Polycom’s Speaker and Microphone device in Zoom. Run the Test Speaker and Microphone to configure it. You can also share Participating in Breakout Rooms with your students for some information on using breakout rooms as a participant.

Once breakout rooms are open, the host or co-host can share their screen from the main session directly into all open breakout rooms. This allows the presenter to share visual information to all breakout rooms as once, guiding them on next steps or tasks. To assign participants to your rooms, select Assign next to the room you wish to assign participants to and select participants you want to assign to that room. Repeat this for each room. Once a participant has been assigned manually or automatically , the number of participants will show in place of the Assign button.

After manually or automatically assigning participants to rooms, you can rearrange the participants. Participants who are not assigned to breakout sessions will remain in the main meeting when the rooms are started. Once the Breakout Rooms have been started, the participants will be asked to join the Breakout Session. The host will stay in the main meeting until joining a session manually. If a participant has not joined the session yet, it will be noted by not joined next to their name.

Participants in breakout rooms can request that the meeting host join their meeting by clicking Ask for Help. The host will be prompted to join the room where the request originated from.

Click Join Breakout Room to join the room. The host can broadcast a message to all breakout rooms to share information with all participants. Host and co-host. Learn more about Meeting Roles. Learn more about Webinar Roles. Use Focus Mode to hide participants webcam video from showing to the rest of participants.

Screen sharing. Click here to apply for a temporary Zoom Large Meeting license. In-meeting chat. Webinar chat. Meeting reactions. Only raise hand. File transfer. Polling for meetings. Polling for webinars. Surveys for meetings. Surveys for webinars. Registration for meetings. Registration for webinars. Closed captioning Live transcript. Breakout rooms. Click here to apply for a temporary Zoom Webina r license. All About Zoom Webinar.

Joining and Participating in a Webinar as an Attendee. Getting Started With Webinar. Roles in a webinar. Convert this meeting to a webinar. Managing participants in a webinar. Inviting panelists to a webinar. Scheduling a webinar without registration. Scheduling a Webinar with Registration. Customizing Registration Page Branding. Webinar practice session. Using webinar chat. Webinar Reporting. Watch a 60mins Zoom Webinar Training Recording.

Participating in a Webinar as an Attendee. If you are testing the Livestream for a dry run, you will need to setup another Livestream with a different stream key. Check that there is a microphone icon besides all the names in the Participants Panel. Absence of a mic indicates that the participant has not Joined with Computer Audio. Check that it does not have a red line on the mic.

On individual screen, check that your own mic Is not muted. Mic indicator should turn green as you speak. Please note the Wiki. In particular, please adhere to copyright law. Images and content by others should not be used without permission. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy. Page tree. Browse pages. A t tachments 33 Page History. Jira links.

Created by Jummain , last modified on 10 Jun What is ZOOM? For the safety and privacy of our NUS community and friends when Zooming, please note: Do not share the meeting ID and passcode on social media.

Remind your participants not to do so as well. Waiting Room is highly recommended. Host will have to admit participants from the waiting room into the meeting room. If the name that join doesn’t look familiar, you can message them to leave the meeting and rename themselves properly before joining in again. Disable Join before host option is recommended. Participants can only join after host has launched the Zoom session.

Enable «Only authenticated users can join» is recommended. Recording Guidelines. Default settings: Only host s can record the session Host s has the option to record to the computer or to the cloud Shows a disclaimer notice when recording starts to remove Two types of Recording Disclaimer and Notification are enabled by default. If you need to disable them, note that it will be disabled for all your future meetings.

Click on Recordings tab. Scroll down till you see the Recording Disclaimer and Multiple audio notifications of recorded meetings. Disable them using the buttons on the right. External viewers will not be able to view the Zoom cloud recordings. Click on Share button. Slide the Viewers can download to enable it. Click Save. Click Done. Public Events. It’s generally accepted that public events and symposiums will be recorded.

Ensure that invited speakers, panelists, or presenters sign a release form. Ensure only the speakers and presentation will be recorded. Use post-production to remove identifiable participants. Lectures and Tutorials. Inform students during Orientation Week that sessions will be recorded. Access should be for instructors, supporting personnel and enrolled students only. Service is provided to aid revision. It should not be made mandatory that students have to turn ON their webcams.

Category Business. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS 8. Price Free. Siri Get things done within this app using just your voice. Featured In. Discover the apps behind CODA. More By This Developer. Zoom for BlackBerry. Zoom for Intune. Zoom Rooms Controller.

You Might Also Like. WhenToWork Employee Scheduling. Communicate instantly on Zoom Chat Integrated persistent instant messaging streamlines workspace collaboration for team members across the desktop and mobile clients. See more features. Introducing our All New Zoom Whiteboard Brainstorm, ideate and create, any time, from anywhere, no meeting necessary.

Get immersive in-office collaboration right from home Zoom for Home brings your calendar, online meetings, and phone together in one dedicated device. Check out Zoom for Home Devices. Expanded audio Add audio options for everyone. Learn More. Hardware to optimize your virtual meeting experience Upgrade the audio and video quality of your online meetings with headsets, webcams, and more. View Recommended Hardware. Zoom Meetings connects with some of your favorite applications to enhance collaboration.

Virtual Meeting Tools and Integrations Easily schedule and join virtual meetings from your existing email or calendar application. Microsoft O Add-In Download. Gmail Add-on Download. Firefox Add-on Download. Chrome Extension Download. Safari Extension Download.


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Find your meeting and click on the playback button. Specify the start date and time. Lectures and Tutorials. Only raise hand. The sharer will also have the video controls to Play, Pause slngapore slider controls.

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